How To Use

Double Scent Stack:

Our Double Scent Stack is made of aluminum and is designed to be used upside down. Simply clear a two foot circle of any debris twenty yards from your stand site. Remove the lid from the can. Carefully light your scented candle and place it on the lid of the can. Carefully screw the can onto the lid upside down. It won’t take long for the can to get warm so please be careful. Make sure the ground is level so the can will sit upright and straight. The Double Scent Stack can be used with just a single candle, but we suggest that you place your favorite Mastin’s Deer Scent into the black one ounce tin. Once you have the scent in the tin, carefully place the tin on top of the can. The heat from the candle will heat the liquid scent allowing it to travel further with the scent of the candle. This is our most effective method.

Even though we have done extensive testing that proves the candle will not catch surrounding debris on fire, you still need to use caution with the Double Scent Stack. The can shouldn’t get any hotter than 175 degrees. This is not hot enough for dry leaves to combust.

Mastin’s Deer Scents:

Since we give you 4 ounces for the same price our competitors sell 2 ounces, you can be liberal with your favorite Mastin’s scent. Fighting Mad is best when used during the early season. Once pre-rut activity begins, start using Fighting Mad with Tarsal in combination with Full Estrus. Use the supplied sprayer and give a squirt every three steps you take as you walk to your stand. We do not recommend using a drag. The scent that you place on the drag weakens as you walk along which will give the deer the impression that the scent trail actually goes in the opposite direction that you walked in. Spraying leaves and weeds as you walk in will give a more even scent trail.

Our best pre-rut / rut deer attractant is Buck Reaper. Use this product in scrapes and on decoys. You are going to love how the deer react to this product. This is a favorite of our Pro Staff. Made with 5 scent glands from a buck, this scent will renew your faith in deer attractants.

Our number one selling product is Smell Like A Deer. True deer hunters are amazed at how much this synthetic product actually is true to its name. We like to use this scent all season long. Try the Double Scent Stack and get a free Smell Like A Deer candle.

Always use a scent eliminator. Our Triple Scent Eliminator has three different antibacterial ingredients. Spray down your clothes and boots before you head into the woods. You can also use our Neutral Triple Scent Eliminator to spray down your decoy before carrying into the woods. Do not spray directly onto metal surfaces.

Our newest addition to the Mastin’s arsenal is the Gel Crystals. This two ounce container holds a gel substance that absorbs your favorite Mastin’s scent. Simply freshen up the Gel Crystals as needed with the same scent. Some of our pro-staff have containers they’ve been using for three seasons. Don’t try that with your cotton ball filled canisters.