About Us

Faron Mastin founded Mastin’s Deer Scents in 2004. Having spent over 30 years hunting and hiking Central Indiana with his father William, Faron knew deer behavior, specifically how deer reacted to scent. One not to be satisfied with the average product, he set out to produce the best product for the lowest prices in the industry. The driving force behind the company has always been and will remain giving the customer the best bang for their buck. That’s why you get twice the product for the same cost as our competitors.

The use of candles came from a venture with his uncle who was a candle maker. Studies show that any scent will travel further in thermals. Visit your favorite convenience store and take a look at all the scent plug in devices and candles. I’m sure your home has variations of these products. So why not add attractants for hunting? That’s exactly why Faron developed the Double Scent Stack. Not only does it work great but it is safe to use. This is the only product out there that allows you to use two unique heated scents at the same time.

In 2012, Faron sold the company to Scott Robertson from Preble County Ohio. He continues to be a vital part of the day to day operations, helping make and develop new products. Scott and Faron teaming together will only take the company and quality of the product to higher levels. They both desire to see you and your family have successful hunting adventures. We believe that our products will give you that advantage you’re looking for. Thank you for taking the time to look at what we have to offer.

Faron’s father William C. Mastin passed away in 2006. He played a big part in Faron becoming an avid outdoorsman. Many of you have the same story to tell about a parent or grandparent that took you hunting or fishing. These relationships are priceless. Share your experiences with a young person. We make products like the ones you see here in order to help your chances of seeing wild game in the field. Be responsible and be safe.